Wink News Fort Myers interviewed Dylan Geracie KMG Insurance Solutions

Dylan Geraci, President of KMG Insurance Solutions, was sought out by WINK News for his expertise in managing elective care surgeries during COVID pandemic.   Click on the image to read the interview today.

Shopping for health insurance is perhaps the hardest task facing any individual and family. Many people only look at premiums when they purchase health insurance. That made sense in the old days, when insurance covered almost everything with little extra payment, but today you must consider the entire dizzying package (Premiums, Networks, Out of Pocket Maximums, Coinsurance, Copayments, Deductibles, “pre-ex” Exclusions).

Individuals and families cannot be expected to navigate this convoluted, expensive, infuriating healthcare system by themselves. People need a Health Insurance Advisor to help you and your family navigate the Healthcare System -- that's KMG Insurance Solutions today.

Health Care Insurance and Medical Insurance for Individuals
I want to retire but COBRA is too expensive and I am too young to qualify for Medicare. What are my options?” You have options alternative to COBRA.

Health Care Insurance and Medical Insurance for Couples
I will be turning 65 soon. How do I transition to Medicare? Let’s explore your options and find the best fit for your Medicare coverage.

My kids and wife are healthy, and it is really expensive to insure them through my health insurance at my job. Are there any other options?” Yes. Let’s look at some alternatives.