Medical Health Insurance for husband and wifeBenefits

Short Term Medical Plans, Major Medical Plans, Supplemental Insurance Policies, Strategic Partners for Medicare, Life Insurance, and Personal Insurance Lines (P+C, Auto, Home).

Why Choose Dylan (KMG Insurance Solutions):
Dylan is licensed to sell various types of insurance products. However, he only sells Health Plans for Individuals under 65 years old. Why refer Medicare, Life and other high commission business away? Why not sell everything possible to everybody? Simple, because it is impossible to be an expert in every type of insurance product. Dylan is of no value to a client if he is generalist in everything and an expert in nothing. He chooses to follow the individual health insurance politics, dynamics, and products exclusively with intense focus and passion.

Only a trained health insurance advisor who is 100 percent focused on health insurance plans for individuals can effectively guide individuals through a convoluted, confusing, expensive health insurance market. Dylan has the knowledge how to minimize the client’s risk while working within the family budget.

Got Married?   New Baby Arrived?   Moved?
Dylan is in your corner as your health insurance advisor beyond just delivering the actual policy it is important to have someone there to receive the call when a client marries or divorces, when fertility treatment is needed, and when a beautiful new baby arrives. When a diagnosis comes in and we work to deliver the most efficient positive solution and being there to celebrate victory of challenging disease.

Is Your Health Insurance Agent Available When You Need Assistance With A Claim?

Dylan is in your corner to appeal an insurance claim with you. He will call the CFO of the hospital to dispute unreasonable and outrageous charges with you. He will help you get second opinions so unneeded medication isn’t taken or unnecessary procedures are not performed.

Life Changes; is Your Agent Available?
People, now more than ever need an essential link between the health insurance carriers and medical care providers, the hospitals and activists, science and the pharmaceutical industry, the spiritual world, the food industry and the consumer. Dylan can be that essential link because he focuses solely individual health insurance plans and not all the peripheral insurance products, he is able to be more than just your agent he is your trusted health insurance advisor from policy implementation onward.